Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to Blogging

I've decided to go back to blogging. I will admit that I've missed it for sure. My life had gotten a bit crazy over the past few years and I'm praying things settle down a bit. We are still enjoying life in spite of it all. The Lord is in control and I myself have decided that no amount of worrying that is done on my part will ever change the outcome. The hardest part is letting go.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

BHS Prom

This was Jake's Senior Prom.....and He told everyone that I made him go. Anyway, I think he had a good time. I told him he would be thankful for the memories... someday. He took a sweet girl that is an exchange student from Brazil. As I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the pictures, Jacob does his own thing.

Yes, we let Leslie go to the prom... her freshman year. Not so smart but it happened. When will I learn the NO word and stick to it. Oh well, she looked beautiful and had a good time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Maylea caught right on to the Easter Egg Hunting concept. Someone had put pennies in some of the eggs and others had candy. When she would find an egg she would shake it to see if it had anything in it. So cute.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning!!!

Maylea got a Princess Backpack which she loves to carry around on her back, a stuffed bunny, candy.. and she LOVES candy, Beauty and the Beast playset and a Dora gown.

For awhile Dora and Diego were her obsession, and then I went to the attic one day and blew the dust off the old VHS tapes. We started with Beauty and the Beast which she calls Belle Beast, and she has watched it now... Oh roughly about 40 times it seems. Every night before she goes to sleep she has to watch it with her Daddy. Then I brought out Cinderella. She is funny when she watches Cinderella because she giggles so much at the Mice and Lucifer the Cat, and every time she watches it she giggles. We've tried Lion King and Snow White, but they haven't quite grabbed her attention like the other two. I'm sure glad I'm a pack rat and kept those old Disney movies. Sometimes it does pay off being a pack rat.


#22.... Leslie Ann! Our softball player in action. When she got this number she said "I have my own cheer". If you've ever been to a girls softball game, you will know that they "CHEER" the entire game. And each girl seems to have her own cheer. Leslie goes something like.... Double Double Deuce Deuce, Double Double Deuce Deuce, Leslie's got the Juice Juice.... Hit It (WHOO).. Hit It (WHOO)!!!!

We are so proud of Leslie and have enjoyed watching the Buffalo Girls play ball. They've had a good season so far with a record of 17-4. We are hoping to go to the States this year.

The Little Kitchen Helper

Maylea loves loves loves to help..... and make messes, which happens to be her specialty. She had a blast scooping roasted red peppers into a bowl.

Maylea's First Car Date

A lovely warm day in March.
Maylea's first car date with Deacon.... but Dad isn't far behind.