Monday, November 5, 2007

Quick update.

Hi. This is Kathleen posting. I heard from Brenda this morning and she will be able to come home on schedule. She thanks everyone for their prayers and said she could really feel them. She had a peace about the whole thing as soon as she asked us to pray. The next prayer request is getting, as Brenda put it, Miss Wiggle Pants home. The plane ride could be a trial, so please pray for them starting tomorrow night U.S. time. They will arrive in Charleston on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.!


Sunday, November 4, 2007


Saturday Night
We had Trick or Treat in our hotel tonight. The kids were so excited to get dressed up. We are scattered on 3 floors, so they started on the 34th and worked their way down. Their faces were glowing. Especially one little boy Scott that is 4. He has been adopted by Craig and Natalie, and he is the sweetest little boy. I would love to squeeze him, but he won't let me hug him. Maylea and the little ones looked so sweet in their costumes. We all had a good time.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Update

Hello Everyone!!! We went to a meeting room here at the hotel to fill out paperwork at 3:30 today. This took over 2 hours, and I'm not finished yet. I had a meltdown because I didn't bring a form I need. Eddie had to print it off, sign it and fax it, and then he has to send it DHL or FedEx. It won't get her until Thursday, so pray that the US Consulate will accept the faxed signature and let us come home on Wednesday. Otherwise, we may have to stay longer. Soo, Please pray!!!!
We miss everybody so much, and we miss home. We're definitely ready to come home. Today has been a very hectic day. We were off this morning at 9am for the children's medical appointments and visa pictures. We should be used to the "It won't take very long" turning into it did take very long. The medical office was full of other adoption agencies, so we had to wait in line for awhile and listen to screaming babies and there was a sign that said "Quiet Please". Yeah right!! Then just when we thought we were finished, those that are adopting older children had to have more vaccinations and then a wait to see if they had a reaction which meant another 45 minute wait. After that we went to a Carefour (sp?) that is a Canadian version of Walmart Fontana told us. We were there around and hour and a half. We came back to the hotel and Leslie and I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Thank God for western food. Guangzhou is a lot more western that Beijing or Nanchang. There are a lot more automobiles here. In Beijing and Nanchang you see lots of bicycles. People carry everything on bikes. They will have them piled 7 ft high with bags, cardboard, or anything you can imagine. Even with 10 large fountain water bottles.
I'm pretty tired tonight. Leslie and Maylea are sleeping. We will be leaving the hotel in the morning at 9:30am to visit Shaiman Island. We are told this is shopping paradise.
BTW We had Trick-or-Treat tonight for the children, so I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. Leslie was Minnie Mouse. We had 10 kids that went around to all of our rooms. It was really nice. The newly adopted children had a really good time. It was so sweet. There are four older: a boy 13, boy 8, girl 11 and another boy 4. Another family adopted a 2year old boy.
Love You Guys!!!!