Thursday, December 27, 2007

At Last....I'm posting

Yes, its been 1 month, and 20 days since we came home from China with our little blessing in tow. I'm told by other adoptive parents that the adjustment is hard when the holidays aren't following. When Thanksgiving and Christmas follow, the adjustment is hard. We took longer that the normal person to get over jet lag. That's how it felt anyway. Then I had to go and get sick along with it. Maylea was cutting teeth along with trying to adjust to our time, and then got an ear infection. She is doing well with sleeping throught the night now, but only if you put her to bed at 11 pm or later. Any earlier and she gets up through the night. Who knows....

Maylea is just a complete joy to our household. Our kids eyes light up when they are around her, and her Daddy is her biggest fan. God has blessed us so much, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Leslie and I really enjoyed the entire experience in China. Leslie didn't want to come home. Everyone in our travel group and our guides were so wonderful. There just seemed to be a bond there for all of us. My only regret is that my whole family wasn't there for the experience.

We all enjoyed Christmas, but I'm glad its over so we can just relax and spend quality time with Maylea and each other this winter. I will try to do better with blogging so everyone can see how Maylea grows and blossoms. She just has the sweetest grin, giggle and personality. Her Daddy says she is onery.

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