Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with five dear ladies. One of which recently lost her daughter Samantha in an accident on Good Friday of this year. I had a post about her in April. My heart aches for her as she sits beside me and talks about Sam. It was hard because there we all are, like all Moms, talking about our children. She did says things about Sam several times. I was talking about my Nick not wanting senior pictures taken and she said Samantha had hers taken twice, and she bought them both times. She told us that Sam texts her non-stop. I'm not sure if she noticed if herself, but she did use present tense a few times. One of her friends told me she goes to the grave and sits by herself every evening until it gets dark. It is so hard to know what to say, because I can't even begin to imagine her grief and pain. On Sunday, June 1st we will have graduation, and they will be presenting Samantha's parents with her diploma.

When I came home I sat down to read emails and KP had written me about Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria. It hit me really hard especially since having spent three hours with Joyce and just hurting for her and her loss. Again, I can't even begin to imagine what the Chapman family must be going through. Bradley had hard time with it and couldn't go to sleep last night. Tonight we sat down and watched the you-tube clip of Steven and Maria washing dishes. Bradley and I both cried. For precious Maria Sue we mourn. Even though I have not met this family, I feel like they are friends. I can't tell you how many times I have watched their video rejoicing their adoptions. Before we received our referral, I would go to their web page or blogs and just stare at their pictures wondering what it would be like to have our little one.

The death of a child is so unnatural. I've heard it said that when a wife loses a husband she is a widow, a husband loses a wife he is a widower, a child loses parents they are orphans, parents that lose a child.... well there are no words. That's how terrible it is. And that's how I feel.

Lord, be with those in these time of grief and pain. Comfort them as only you can. Give us words to say to those that have lost loved ones. Help them to heal and find the comfort in knowing they are in a better place.

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K.P. said...

Love you and love your heart! You are such a dear friend and so special to hurt for those around you. It is a choice to hurt for others and to let yourself feel their pain. It's a choice that many choose not to make. Bless you for not being selfish and for feeling others hurts. God will help them and God will use you to help them too.

Love you sis!