Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Life is kindof hard right now. Things at home are good, but with Mom they are not. She is sleeping a lot more and has become incontinent the majority of the time. The aid pointed out today that there is a skin lesion starting above her tailbone, and that her hand that is contracted is raw and may be in real danger of infection. She just cries so hard when you try to clean it and put medication on. You have to pry her fingers open and I know it hurts her. It is so hard to watch her lie there and suffer. I know that there are so many people that are going through this same thing and have gone through this. When it comes home and is happening to you, it certaining makes you more compassionate. I guess its just like anything else in life in that you don't know until you've walked in the shoes. I know it will be so hard when she passes, but we pray the Lord takes her home to be with him before things get worse for her.


K.P. said...

Love you sis! Praying for you and thinking of you often.

Let me know if I can help. I mean it!


Anonymous said...

We will keep you and your Mom in our prayers. I know this is a difficult time, but our Lord is sufficient, lean on Him.
God Bless,
Sharon Boggs

The Ferguson Family said...

You are in my prayers.