Friday, July 4, 2008


What we've been into the last few weeks.....

Nick played in the North/South Football game on June 21st. He went to WV State University for a week of practice starting the 14th. He had a really good time and made several new friends. This game is made up of All State Seniors from schools across WV obviously divided into North and South Teams. We had a luncheon at the Marriott on Saturday afternoon before the game in which parents were invited to. At the luncheon they inducted Sam Huff and Robert Alexander, (both played in the NFL), and a few other past players into the North/South Hall of Fame. The game was played at the University of Charleston's field (Laidley Field) at 7:00pm Saturday night. The South won!!!

Next is Bradley's All Star games. His team played in the first round of the Little League playoff tournament and came out in first place (4-0). These games were played in Ravenswood last weekend. Starting today they played in the District 3 playoffs. They played at 1 pm and they lost to Winfield 6-3. They play again tomorrow at 3 pm and if they lose they're out.

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K.P. said... guys are busy! :)
Looks like fun though.