Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Columbus Zoo

On Saturday, September 20, we went to the Columbus Zoo with Kathleen, Chris, Deacon, and Levi Moles. Of course Nick and Jake wouldn't tag along with us; I guess they're just too old for the zoo. The weather was beautiful, maybe a little too warm because all of the animals were sleeping. Well, most of them anyway. Maylea's favorites were the elephants and gorillas, especially the gorillas because Eddie was holding her and when he would walk away, she would start crying. I only have one regret, and that is I didn't get any pictures of Levi. I may just steal some from Kathleen.

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K.P. said...

You got one of Levi. Those are his feet in the top right corner of the pic of Bradley in the stroller! :) Ha Ha!

see my blog to pirate one of that day. I posted the one of him sleeping. I think that was his favorite part of the zoo.

Love ya!