Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maylea's Gotcha Day Party

Maylea's Gotcha Day Party

On October 29th, it had been one year since we got Maylea. We had a small party for her. We wanted to keep it small and simple, so we just invited the people that were at the airport when we got home from China last year. We had ice cream and cake, and Maylea got some presents. This day was very special for all of us. Maylea had a blast playing with her cousins at the house, and she enjoyed all of her presents.


lillian08 said...

Happy, happy Gotcha Day... a few days late! Maylea looks like such a happy girl and the family looks equally as happy! Blessings to y'all as you begin year #2 together!! :o)
Jenny D.

The Ferguson Family said...

What a celebration! Let's try to get the girls together soon!