Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Morning

Easter Morning!!!

Maylea got a Princess Backpack which she loves to carry around on her back, a stuffed bunny, candy.. and she LOVES candy, Beauty and the Beast playset and a Dora gown.

For awhile Dora and Diego were her obsession, and then I went to the attic one day and blew the dust off the old VHS tapes. We started with Beauty and the Beast which she calls Belle Beast, and she has watched it now... Oh roughly about 40 times it seems. Every night before she goes to sleep she has to watch it with her Daddy. Then I brought out Cinderella. She is funny when she watches Cinderella because she giggles so much at the Mice and Lucifer the Cat, and every time she watches it she giggles. We've tried Lion King and Snow White, but they haven't quite grabbed her attention like the other two. I'm sure glad I'm a pack rat and kept those old Disney movies. Sometimes it does pay off being a pack rat.

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K.P. said...

Yes it is handy that you are a pack rat. If I need something and I gave it away years ago, odd are you didn't. Thanks. You give me freedom to throw it away and declutter this house!

Bless you, oh great pack rat! It helps that your attic is huge. :)