Sunday, October 28, 2007

Side Note...for those of you checking

Hey there. This is Kathleen, Brenda's friend. I am updating their blog for her as I hear from her. So, as you can see...I haven't heard from her. But, just wanted to post on here tonight a note to please pray for them! As we lay our heads on our pillows tonight, Brenda and Leslie will most likely be holding Maylea Xin Harris. I'm sure this little girl will be so overwhelmed and somewhat scared. I know that Brenda and Leslie will be overjoyed, but will also be concerned for the transition of Maylea. Please pray for good health for the three of them and others that are traveling with them. Please pray for Maylea, that whatever grief she will have to process will go quickly and that she will already know how much she is loved, by her family and by those friends waiting anxiously to hear from them.

Hang in there. It's not unusual for there to be Internet connection problems in China. Let's also pray that we'll be able to hear from them soon and of course...see pictures!! :)

Good night!

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Rodney said...

Hey little sister, I'm following your progress! Sounds real exciting, bet your worn out. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Tell Leslie Hi for me. We're praying for you.

Love Rodney