Friday, October 26, 2007

Update #1 - We've arrived

Hi Everyone!!! We made it to Beijing at 11:00 pm last night which would have been 11:00 a.m your time. Its a pretty exhausting trip. Our flight from Charleston to Detroit went quick, and we didn't have a lay over. We made it to our gate and ate, and then our flight to Tokyo was boarding. I think the plane took off there at 3:30pm US time. It was a 13 hour flight, that seemed like 24 hours. We experienced pretty bad turbulence at times. So much that it nearly toppled over the flight attendance drink cart. For some reason several of us found it humorous. Maybe it was nervous laughter, but the flight attendant didn't think it was funny. She had left the cart for a few minutes to walk to the back for something when it happened and when I looked back at her she could barely stand up for a few minutes, but finally made her way over to get it. Some people sitting by it had to pick up the pitchers of OJ and water to help keep it from falling off. I'm just glad it wasn't beside me... it was one seat behind me. Other than that the flight was okay. We made it to Tokyo, changed planes but had a delay because of fog and low visibility here. I now know the meaning of flying by faith and not by sight.

It is 6:03 am right now, and we have to shower, eat breakfast and off to meet our group by 8:40 for a day of sight seeing. We see the Forbidden City, Tiannamen Square, The Great Wall, and the Summer Palace today. I hope to get some good pictures. I am not a photographer but I'll do my best.


Angie said...

Glad to hear you have arrived safely we were on pins and needles until we got Leslie's comment yesterday. Couldn't wait to hear something. Hope you had fun on your sightseeing trip and can't wait to see your pictures. This blog thing is pretty cool.
Can't wait to see you girls.
Love ya

K.P. said...

WOW...I bet you'll sleep good tonight. That's a lot of walking. Good thing you got your super-cool new NB shoes!

I walked in mine this morning and missed my buddy, but used the time to pray for you!

Love you! Can't wait to hear from you!


Diana said...

Hey sis and Leslie! Can't imagine how tired but excited you are. Looking so forward to hear about the first time you all get to see Maylea.

Love you guys! My prayers are with you.


PS Mom and Dad are fine.