Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some People Just Don't Get It

OK, I admit I don't have much patience with some people.

Today, a nurses aid was at my Mom's house giving her a bath. I came in and of course Maylea was with me. She started talking about her kids (she has 4) and they are from 40 yrs to 27 yrs old. My Dad tells her that we went to China to get Maylea in October. She then asks me if I have other children and how old they are. Then, she asks "Why did we decide to adopt from China?" For some reason, I do not like this question. I can see the judgement in peoples eyes when they ask it. I just don't understand, and I guess as much as they don't understand why we would want to adopt. Anyway, I told her that I had felt led to adopt for over 10 years, and that my husband started feeling led to adopt or do foster care only about 4 years ago. I told her I feel like it is a calling just like being a missionary is a calling from God. I told her that I was excited that friends of ours is adopting too, from Ethiopia. I will stop here because she was offensive in her reaction which made my blood boil. Unfortunately, I didn't react too well. I was visibly upset I'm sure. I told her that I had someone ask me what would I do if I was referred an ugly baby. Yeah..... OK, anyway I told her that God made us all and that I don't see race and the color of skin. We are giving a precious child a home; a child that doesn't have a Mom or Dad. That we are instructed in the Bible to take care of widows and orphans and that adoption is close to God's heart. When people comment on how lucky Maylea is, all I can say and think is.... How lucky we are to have her, and what a blessing she is to us!!

I stumbled on this video tonight as I was doing research. It is so fitting to what happened to me today. I just pray God gives me patience with those that don't see things the way we do. Being closed minded must be a lonely place to be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
That is a great video, I really enjoyed watching it. Our God is truly great. Sometimes I look at Rebekah and I am just awe struck at how He brought her to us. It is so humbling to have been chosen by Him to be her parents. We are the ones who are blessed. I'm sorry for your experience, but I think you handled it well. Hope to see you all this summer.
God Bless,
Sharon Boggs

K.P. said...

Hey. Sounds like you had a fun day. Thanks for standing up for us and for all of us that are answering the call! They don't get it and that's ok. There loss. I used to live in a small world. My world is still small...but I'm happy to say it's getting bigger! :)

Love ya bunches!