Saturday, March 15, 2008


God laid the desire in our hearts
From his wishes we will not depart.

Some say "Why go so far away?
How much will you have to pay?
Aren't there children in the USA?"

Whether a child is from here or there
Isn't it our job to love and care?

Children are a priceless treasure
Blessings that we cannot measure.

God wants us to hold them tight
Whether they are yellow, black or white.

We wish we could save them all
Sadly, we can only answer our call.

We must go to a foreign land
For us, this is what God commands.

Our China Doll was waiting
And there was no hesitating.

We stuck to our decision
God made every provision.

Cast all your doubts and fears aside
Come along and enjoy the ride.

Author Unknown

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K.P. said...

Love the poem and you're offically TAGGED because I want the world to know more about Brenda! Love ya!

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