Friday, April 25, 2008


Wow, I can't believe its been over a month since I've posted. No... I didn't fall of the face of the earth. For the past month our lives have been spent at a ballfield somewhere. Nick is playing baseball, Leslie softball, and Bradley baseball. Poor Jake is working everyday. He thinks poor Jake but I tell him all the time he should be thankful for his job. He would rather be skateboarding. We were able to travel to Myrtle Beach over spring break with the high school team. They played in a tournament there.

A tragic event took place the day before everyone was planning to leave for MB. On Friday March 21st, Samantha Rogers a senior at Nick's school was killed in a single car accident only a mile from her home. It was senior skip day and she was on her way to eat at the Cracker Barrel with her boyfriend at around 10 am. The administration scrambled to gather counselors to come to the school. They told the student body soon after they arrived. These kids were amazing in how they pulled together and supported one another. Samantha was a beautiful girl with a promising life ahead of her. She was outgoing, smart and just lovely and always had a smile on her face. She is so sadley missed by all in the community. Pray for her parents and brother and extended family and friends.


The baseball and softball teams had been planning this trip for a year, and after much discussion the very hard decision was made to go ahead and leave on Saturday. Samantha's viewing and funeral was planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. We stayed behind and didn't leave until Easter Sunday so Nick was able to go to the school with the kids and clean up the outside of the school and do some landscaping and planting of flowers to prepare for the funeral. We then left on Easter Sunday morning early, but did oversleep so we were in a bit of a hurry.
On the lighter side of things, Eddie was pulled over and received his first ticket ever. We had to laugh a little (even though he wasn't).

Since the team wasn't able to attend Samantha's services, the coaches and parents planned a memorial service on the beach for the boys. I think the softball team did the same. Coach Boggess read her obituary and prayed and then gave the boys each a balloon. Nick and Adam, the two seniors, had purple balloons since this was Samantha's favorite color. The boys alone walked out on the beach and let the balloons go. It was soooo emotional for all of them. I'm so glad they did that because they needed closure. Adam used to date Samantha.

In spite of everything, the boys, coaches and parents had a good time. They knew Samantha would have wanted it that way.

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